Dev Agent

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AI can hallucinate fake code!

If you've ever dabbled with other AI models, you've probably encountered the frustrating situation where they conjure up answers that simply is not valid.

We feel your pain, as we've been there too. Just like you, we've poured countless hours into unraveling the mysteries of AI-generated answers 😭.

This quirk happens because AI is designed to exude confidence, making it challenging for it to recognize its limitations and admit when it can't provide an accurate answer.

This is precisely where our system sets itself apart. DevAgent doesn't rely on vague sources or late-night, caffeine-fueled coding binges. Instead, it exclusively taps into official sources specified by our users to fit their needs. This makes sure that you never receive outdated or invalid information since you only get answers based on the sources you trust.

What is DevAgent?

DevAgent analyzes prompts and takes information from official sources based on your prompt, to generate accurate answers to your queries



On this site, we provide a demo of DevAgent trained on the official Python documentation. This shows you how well our system can adapt even when a notoriously difficult task for AI is required: Providing code.